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  1. hi,i just read your posts and read something about AODV..i need some help..
    im a newbie to linux(never ever changed the contents of directories n all).i have to make a project on ad hoc network using kernel aodv.
    i am using ubuntu11.04.

    i downloaded kernel aodv from this link

    and then after untar,changed target in makefile to x86 and then moved to the kernel_aodv dir using cd and when i do make command it gives some errors of missing files..when i copy those files,it further gives some errors..i dnt know what to do…totally confused…
    can u please help me out….please

  2. hi,thanks for your reply it helped us a lot…. 🙂
    but we are stuck at a problem again..we followed watever you said and successfully cmpleted it till downloading and installing deb pacakge..but now when we try to configure the wireless card in ad hoc mode we get stuck at

    Switch the card into ad hoc mode
    iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc

    wen we run the above command its shows the following error…
    Error for wireless request “Set Mode” (8B06) :
    SET failed on device eth0 ; Operation not permitted.

    We are using oracle virtualbox to load ubuntu 11.04….is this error because of using a ubuntu with virtual box over window 7??
    what to do??????
    can u please help us…

    • hmmmm… here I ve got two main things to look on…
      Your error says “eth0” which should be “wlan0”. So please check if everything is right.
      The next concern is the virtual box. I am not sure if it allows (or even detects) the wlan device if configured virtually.

  3. hi,we formated our systems and installed ubuntu on to it..now its working properly…thank you very much….:)
    but i wanted to ask you why are we using aodv-uu-source_0.9.5-1_all.deb???
    can you please tell us that…please…:)

  4. hi,

    i am enthisiastic and great lover of inventions. I would like to take your help in implementing aodv on android devices.. can you help me through your steps in installation and implementation.??

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