Exclamation ‘!’ in shell

Generally “!” is used in shell to invoke a previous event.

$ ls
(some o/p is displayed)

$ ls -l
(some other o/p is displayed)

$ !ls
(same o/p as ls -l, since this was the previous event for “ls”).

This is the general behaviour of ! in shell.

Now, for one of my works I wanted to send the password via command line and say, my password was something like “password!1”, what would happen ???


$ svn ls <some url> –username name –password password!1

We get something like,

bash: !1: event not found

for obvious reasons that it is trying to invoke the previous event of “1” but I don’t have any.

So, how do we pass the password as “password!1” as such ?

$ svn ls <some url> –username name –password password’!1′

would solve the problem. 😉


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