SubversionEdge – the cutting edge to Subversion administration (basics Part-1)

What is SubversionEdge ?

SubversionEdge is a management console for the Subversion. In simple words, SubversionEdge allows us to perform all the administrative stuff related to the subversion very easily and quickly. It has a very good user friendly UI like this:

We can download the SubversionEdge binary from the following link:


checkout the source code from

It allows us to do a various activities which we can classify simply into the following categories:

1. Repository

2. User

3. Administration


We can easily create and maintain repositories and write “access rules” for them.


We can create a user and revoke/grant any role to the user. This makes the work easier for us.


This part is the most important of these all… Here we can specify the port number, hostname, location to keep the repositories, see the log files and so on.

This is just the very basics of the SubversionEdge.


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