Configure OLSR …

To configure olsr, i first searched for the documentation and found that it can be directly installed , as the olsrd package comes in-built with the Debian Lenny…
so i just installed the olsrd daemon by,
apt-get install olsrd

Now the wireless network has to configured in the ad-hoc mode… this can be done in the same way as I did in the case of AODV.

then once the steps are done, just check it out by,

now i can run the olsrd by

olsrd -i wlan0

oopss !!! it’s scolding me… the conf file could not be located 😦
now let me check for the man olsrd

Wow !!! -f is used to point to the conf file

so i tried… olsrd -f /etc/olsrd/olsrd.conf

it is working… but i am unable to see the output…

Oh… now i have to change the DEBUG LEVEL 1 in the conf file

cool… now i get the olsr topology 🙂


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