Sessions Vs Cookies ( in my project…)

Ah oh…!!! Now I have to decide upon going for the cookies or sessions. Since I need a little of the user-data to be used for the application to work well for each user I have to decide on whether to use sessions or cookies to serve this cause for my project.
   And since I do not have to carry any large data through, the sessions looked a better option. But this application must not allow the server busy always and must not allow multiple users to be logged in from a same computer simultaneously, so at this point , the idea of cookies seemed better.
   But somehow the decision has to be made based on our application and the customer requirements but not at the cost of performance loss. So now I decide to go by the cookies for my project since I am not going to carry and store any sensitive data in the browser(client). Also I do not want to keep my server busy all time by making use of sessions. And finally the cookies suit my project better than the sessions.


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